The Rocky Retrospective Podcast Series-Part 3

Well, these podcasts keep getting longer and longer, but I think it’s because neither Garrett or I wanted this series to end, but it has…well, sort of. Today at Binge Media, the final entry in this Rocky Retrospective podcast series was released, and once again, we had an absolute blast on the show as we discussed Rocky V and Rocky Balboa. If you haven’t listened to the first two shows where we break down the first four films, head over to the Podcast page to get to the links to get caught up. Here are a few of the questions that we tackle in this edition of the Binge Movie Aftertaste.

  • What was the state of boxing at the time of both these releases?
  • How bad were Union Kane’s line deliveries?
  • What exactly did Paulie do to lose the Balboa estate?
  • Just how long was Rocky in Russia?
  • How many f’n Dukes are in Rocky V?!
  • Why is the Rocky franchise’s continuity more messed up than Friday the 13th‘s? 
  • How much do we hate Larry Merchant?
  • How much do we love Duke?
  • What’s the guy from Heroes doing here, and how did he get the role of Rocky’s son in Rocky Balboa?
  • Can Stallone possibly win Best Supporting Actor for his role in Creed?
  • Where can you hear our final views on Creed?
  • Was Sage Stallone a bad case of Coppola style nepotism or did he come through as Rocky’s son?
  • What former franchise cast member eventually sued Sly?

If you’ll notice, there’s a question in there on when we’ll be talking about Creed, and you can get that answer in the show along with everything else, but since I’m such a nice guy, I’ll go ahead and post a spoiler. On my show, the Binge SportsCast, I will be bringing Garrett in on December 2nd to discuss the new movie, which he’s already seen and is already going nuts over it. I’ll be seeing it next Tuesday night, and we’ll be breaking it down soon, so stay tuned for that. Once again, I want to thank Garrett for letting me crash his show to talk about my favorite movie franchise of all time. We’ve got some plans for more shows like this coming up next spring, which we’ll be discussing after the new year, so you know I’ll be bringing updates on that as well. With all of that being said, here’s the final installment of the Rocky Retrospective. Enjoy.

Binge Movie Aftertaste: Rocky Retrospective w/Luke Norris Part 3

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