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Welcome to The Luke Norris Experience.

What started out as simply a personal blog to jot down a few random thoughts and feelings has transformed into my personal portfolio that gives you full access to the work of writer, editor, publisher, website designer and podcast host, Luke Norris.

The “About” page takes you through Luke’s journey on the road to becoming a full-time freelancer, including the early days of The Luke Norris Experience, why it was created in the first place and how it’s become a website that’s been visited by more than 60 countries around the world.

The “Contact” page allows you to contact Luke Norris directly and he’s always quick to respond to each and every message personally and promptly.

The “Freelance Services” page guides you through each and every service that Luke Norris offers if you’re looking for it.

The “Recent Posts” section is exactly what it sounds like.

The “Article Portfolio” houses every single article that Luke Norris has ever written. From sports to politics to entertainment to world events and everything in between, his entire body of work is on full display.

The “Podcasts” page is where you can access each and every podcast that Luke Norris has ever been a part of. From sports to entertainment to even an up close and personal interview, be sure to check out each section as each one contains a little something different.

The “Up Close & Personal” page is the real essence of what The Luke Norris Experience is all about as he bears his heart and soul on these pages, giving you full access into a life of happiness, sadness, joy, heartbreak, laughter, tears and what really makes him tick.

So take a look around and soak it all in. And above all….enjoy the experience.

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All work herein is copyrighted and solely owned by Luke Norris.


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