The Luke Norris Experience

Welcome to The Luke Norris Experience.

What started out as a personal blog to jot down a few random thoughts and feelings has transformed into a personal portfolio that gives you full access to the work of writer, editor, publisher, website designer, and podcast host, Luke Norris. (That’s me.)

This site has gone through a few different changes and looks over the years since it began back in March 2013 but this latest redesign should make it a lot easier to navigate.

The “About” page gives you a little insight on why I created this website in the first place and also gives you a look at how many people around the world have visited. The latest count is 73 countries so if you take a look at the list and don’t see your country on there, make sure to hit me up on the “Contact” page so I can get you added.

The “Latest Articles” page contains my 100 most recent articles and posts and the remaining links at the top contain every article I’ve ever written on a particular subject, which makes things so much easier for everyone, including myself. I used to just jam everything together and let people rummage through if they were interested in something but breaking them up like this is so much better. Each category also gives you an explanation on why I’ve written or like to write on that particular topic so be sure to check those out.

The “Up Close & Personal” page contains some things I’ve written that really dive into what makes me who I am and what keeps me moving forward. Some can be emotional so be prepared for that but I’ve gotten some really great responses from them and some have also told me how some of those things have helped them in some way, which is always very humbling to hear.

As for the “Podcasts” page, that’s pretty easy to figure out, I think. I’ve done some podcasts in the past and hope to add more in the future.

As for the things there on the side, give those a click to follow me on Facebook and/or Twitter. You can also sign up to follow this website via e-mail. As for the quotes, they’re just a few that I like and I change them up from time to time to give myself some new perspective.

So with all that being said, I thank you for being here. Take a look around and soak it all in. And above all….enjoy the experience.

Here are a few places you may have seen my work.