After about a year of just writing articles for Binge Media, I decided to experiment with a podcast, which is really the essence of that particular site anyway. Tackling all avenues of the sports world, I would sometimes go it alone but more often than not, I would be joined by a co-host or two. I did a few sports movie commentaries as well and would also host and/or co-host episodes of TV Round-Up, mainly due to my obsession…err, knowledge of the Breaking Bad universe, which also covers Better Call Saul. I also made a few guest appearances on the Binge Movie Aftertaste due to my expertise on the Rocky and Superman franchises, which were extremely fun to cover. In addition, I showed up on the flagship show, the BingeCast, and also made a very special appearance on Monday Morning Moreno, an episode in which one of the co-founders of the site and I engaged in a fantastic conversation that was completely different than anything that had been done on the site at that time. So go on ahead and hit up the links below and have a listen.


Binge SportsCast

BingeCast TV Round-Up

Binge Sports Movie Commentaries

Binge Movie Aftertaste


Monday Morning Moreno