I was thinking today that 2013 is the 10th anniversary of my first publication. It was a poem that I wrote that got published in a poetry collection in 2003. Some of you have read it, but most haven’t. Hope you enjoy it.


I think sometimes and I don’t understand
The belief simply known as God’s divine plan.
The span of eternity already foreseen
Each person a destiny, but what does that mean?
Because I look sometimes and I just don’t see
How divine it is to sleep in the street
Or to feel the pain, anguish and hurt
As a loved one is lowered into the dirt.
I listen sometimes to the cries and the screams
Of the children that suffer and just when it seems
That the pain is over and the agony slain
We lose again, through planning He gains.
Parents and children, this plan includes all
He even steals heroes as trade centers fall.
How far will it go? Does He even exist?
Do prayers really matter? Does the plan ever miss?
What if this plan of so-called divinity
Is the thing that created all of this sin in me?
If you wake up tomorrow, cherish your time
For your turn might be next, isn’t that divine?

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