My Favorite Bad Movies

Okay, it looks like everyone that is going to chime in on the bad movie question has done so, and I must say I received some really good responses. My Con Air suggestion really inspired some people to say that was also one they couldn’t turn off. Beyond that, I’d have to say that the best responses were The Skulls which came from my buddy Greg. That’s a hard one to admit brother so kudos to you for having the stones to put that out there. My mother even contributed with Overboard (even I can’t sit through that-ask my ex-wife) and Save The Last Dance. Who doesn’t love a good story about a black guy and a white girl that lets dancing solve all of their problems for them? Good stuff Mama. Speaking of dancing, Step Up was also mentioned and I will admit that I do sometimes watch that when it’s on. Yeah, I said it. My favorite response, however, came from my buddy Clay who almost takes the title with Howard The Duck. And the only reason why that wouldn’t win a contest had I had one is that movie isn’t a bad movie, rather one of the best movies ever made. What are my favorite bad movies? I thought you’d never ask. But since you did, here is my countdown of bad movies that I just can’t seem to get away from.

5. 8 Seconds

Sorry, but this movie is great. Granted, I may like Luke Perry more than most, but his portrayal of legendary bullrider Lane Frost was pretty solid. Even if Stephen Baldwin had to come along for the ride.

4. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

I don’t think I’ll get too many arguments on this one. Outside of the obvious comedic value, you get a little history lesson as well, which is nice.

3. Urban Cowboy

Some people wouldn’t even consider this to be a bad movie, but if you really think about how awful the acting is and the story itself, it is. But I don’t care. I love it. I own it. I watch it. Moving on…

2. Any Jean-Claude Van Damme movie up until 1994

Any of that straight to DVD garbage after Timecop I won’t watch, but give me No Retreat, No Surrender, Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Double Impact, Lionheart, or Universal Soldier and I’m good to go.

1. Demolition Man

Stallone. Snipes. Bullock (yes, I can even stand Sandra Bullock for once, but this is before she got overly famous and famously annoying). This movie is so awful that it’s phenomenal. It’s set in the future, it’s full of insanely cheesy one-liners, and it mixes the action with the comedy. And yes, I again watched it from start to finish on Monday night when it was on AMC. And it had the movie notes, which only enhanced the experience. Good stuff.

Thanks for all those who played along for this ridiculous post. Just wanted to have some fun, so I hope you enjoyed it. Talk to you again soon.

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