A Few Updates

As I mull over my next few options, numbering somewhere in the 150 range, I just wanted to fill you in on a few things. I mean, besides the fact that I’ve got 150 things to look at over the next few days. But in that time, I’ll be throwing up a few articles here and there. I’ve got some football news coming from Binge Sports this week, along with a new Binge SportsCast next Sunday. But just today, I’ve gone ahead and started up on HubPages to put a little extra money in my pocket while I continue to work on some bigger projects. I’ve got some freedom as far as material is concerned, and they’ve got some fun things that I can add to some articles as well. You know how much I like getting my readers involved. With that being said, a few (which means as many as I can get) followers on my page there certainly wouldn’t hurt, so I’m asking for your help. All it takes is clicking HERE to get to the page and clicking “Follow” on the top right-hand side. Yes, it’s that simple. Please and thank you.

For those who don’t know, I’ve also started a second website, LukeNorris.net, which is basically a house for all of my work, including the majority of the posts that come from here, including my last two “Up Close and Personal” pieces, The Rainbow Rant, which discusses my stance on gay marriage, and Go West, Young Man, which takes you on a journey out west as I move my younger brother to Portland. You can also follow that website at the bottom of the home page simply by entering your email address for updates. If you’re more of a Facebook page kind of person, LukeNorris.net has that as well. For all updates, you can simply click HERE and “Like” the page to stay caught up.

As you can see, there’s a lot of ways that you can stay in touch with what’s going on with this new adventure. As always, I thank each and every one of you that continue to support me as I embark on this incredible journey. You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of me.

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