My Response to Michael Wilbon’s Rant Against Bloggers

If you know me, and I think a lot of you do by now, you know that I’m normally not one for confrontation in my writing. There’s a reason why I don’t write a lot of political pieces and I tend to stay neutral on a lot of controversial topics. I like to entertain when I can. I write a lot on sports because it’s something I enjoy, so when I hear somebody like ESPN’s Michael Wilbon say the things he said recently about people like me, I wasn’t going to just let it go. After clearing it with my editor at Sports Mockery, one of the many websites I write on sports for, I wrote my response and I personally invite you to check it out. I will warn you that it’s a little lengthy, but believe me, it needed to be. I’ve got your “mother’s basement” right here, Mike.

Michael Wilbon Wants To Call Out Bloggers? Here I Am

One thought on “My Response to Michael Wilbon’s Rant Against Bloggers

  1. Art says:

    Good article man. He’s just an old dinosaur trying to cling on to the old model. 10 years from now ESPN won’t even resemble what it is today.

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