Dear Santa


Dear Santa,
I’m sorry that I haven’t written you in so long. It’s probably been more than 25 years now that I actually think about it. Somewhere along the line, an idea was put into my head that you weren’t real, and for a while I think I actually believed it. And for that, I apologize. I know you need as many supporters as you can get and I will always be one of them. I don’t know when the world got so uptight, but it can’t be easy to hear that so many people don’t want you to be involved with Christmas anymore. They say that you take away from what the season should really be about, that you’ve taken the “Christ” out of Christmas. But I never really understood that. I also don’t understand the people that laugh at me when I tell them that I’m 34 years old and believe in Santa Claus. Because by my last count, nobody walking this planet has ever seen either one of you. I wish all the Santa critics out there would just let me believe what I want to believe. I’d rather feel joyful than guilty at Christmastime anyway. But I digress.
The real reason for this letter is to tell you not to bring me anything this year. Although I think I’ve been a pretty good boy this year, I have the things that I need. I have so many people in my life that love me and care about me. I have a roof over my head and air in my lungs. And I have the most wonderful, smart, and beautiful daughters in the world. Just a heads up, they’ll be at their mother’s house sleeping on Christmas Eve so make sure to visit them there. They’ve been great girls this year, so please take care of them. I can take care of things here for when they come to my house on Christmas Day. I’ll make sure to still give you some credit though.
It’s not that I don’t want you here. For one, the things that I want are things that you can’t give me. I want my dad to be here to spend Christmas with his grandchildren. I want Ashlyn and Brooklyn to always look at me the way they do now. But honestly, I want you to really focus on the people that need you. There are so many children in the world that deserve a wonderful Christmas, and I hope that you can help give that to them.
I know you’re a busy guy this week, so I’ll let you go for know. Just know that I’m thankful for everything you’ve done for me throughout my life, and for everything that you’ll continue to mean to my children and hopefully someday my grandchildren and beyond. If you take anything out of this letter, just know that one believer is all you need. Merry Christmas Santa.
Luke Norris

P.S. I don’t exactly know how the rules work, but if you’re actually obligated to give a gift to all good boys and girls, you can give me a plane ticket to Hawaii to see my friend.

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