Vote Now For Your Favorite Christmas Movie


It’s time once again for a little reader participation. With all the Christmas movies that are being shown right now, I was curious on what your favorite Christmas movie is. Below, I will list 9 very popular movies along with an “Other” category. If you choose this option because you really feel that Reindeer Games or The Santa Clause needs to be included, then please list the movie you are voting for. You may also notice that It’s A Wonderful Life is not among the movies listed. There is a reason for that. I contend and will continue to do so to my dying day that this is NOT a Christmas movie. Yes, the last scene takes place at Christmastime. This doesn’t make it a Christmas movie. Most of the movie does not revolve around Christmas, so I refuse to put it in here. So if you decide to list that in the “other” category, I will not count it. I have nothing against the movie, as it is actually one of my favorite movies of all time, but it doesn’t belong here. I will reveal the results of the poll on Christmas Eve. Have fun kids.

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