Yep, I’m 40 and still watch professional wrestling (or sports entertainment if you want to go that way) and that may sound ridiculous to some of you. Now ask me if I care. Am I aware that the outcomes are scripted? Obviously. Does that keep me from watching a movie or a television show? No, it doesn’t. Is some of it a little over the top? Yeah, it is. And that’s part of the beauty of it. I still watch because it still entertains me. These men and women are some of the greatest athletes in the world and put their bodies on the line every night to entertain people. I was introduced to it at a very young age and more than three decades later, it continues to amaze me. I love writing about wrestling. As it is with everything else I write about, I hope that I can write an article that can take someone away from real life for a few minutes and entertain them, much like this art form called pro wrestling can do.

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